Working with Government Contracts

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In addition to his more than 25 years of legal experience, including as a former government attorney, Lead Attorney George W. Wolff holds degrees in civil engineering and construction management, as well as a master`s degree. B.A., and he has the experience and knowledge that provides a unique perspective on the management of government contracts. He understands the need for effective dispute resolution to avoid project delays and lengthy and costly litigation. Contact an experienced attorney for California government purchase and service contracts. Only the tendering process for a government contract requires you to register with the Allocation Management System (SAM) and the SBA. You will also need a NAICS code and a DUNS code. After jumping through these tires, you`ll need to write a tender and tender, and perhaps several of them, depending on how many different contracts you want to bid on. Public works contracts, tenders, tendering preferences, bidding protests, local rent ordinance laws, prevailing wage claims, additional work claims, late claims, subcontractor representation, subcontractors, payment deposit guarantee claims, recoveries from the Prompt Payments Act, Government Code claim process, Arbitration and litigation of construction contracts, applicable wage laws, false claims under the law on false claims Whistleblowers while the state Contractors can largely rely on being paid, there are exceptions.

When the government is closed, contractors are usually put on leave alongside regular employees. Our procurement and public procurement lawyers advise and represent the interests of government contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, suppliers, service companies and certain government agencies on a variety of issues and disputes related to government contracts and public contracts, including: There may be a learning curve to land your first government contract, but once that`s behind you, there`s the possibility of long-term relationships. Some contracts have only a one-year term, but many have a minimum duration of three years. Once this period is over, you can usually expect an extension if you have done a good job and fulfilled the end of your contract. Use this official database to find federal government contract opportunities for your business. While contract work requires large amounts of paperwork, these jobs are easier to get than a government position. One of the advantages of the demand for contract work is that small businesses can benefit from set-aside, which are contracts reserved exclusively for them. Whether you choose to become a government entrepreneur could involve a mix of circumstances and personal preferences. There are some who swear by this type of work, and others who would not touch a government job if offered one.

Yet others have more government work than they can handle and aspire to something else. You could do a difficult job for a government agency and still be under the microscope because – taxpayers` money and bureaucracy. In fact, the government has the right to conduct surveillance in your facility, which is sufficiently eliminated for most professionals. The federal government has many rules and regulations. Every federal contractor is required to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations and various other labour standards. There are also limits to what you can outsource as a subcontractor. While your salary may be slightly higher than a government employee, you won`t get benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and pension plans. This is a significant disadvantage of contract work, but it is also the price of self-employment. If you have already decided to fund these items yourself, understand the compromise.

While public procurement can be a great way to start or maintain a business, it`s not without its drawbacks. As with any risk, you need to evaluate all the factors to determine if the reward is worth it. Here are some of the pros and cons of contracting with the government. If you still have questions about the financial benefits and potential disadvantages of government contracts, we can help. We work closely with a variety of government contractors and are a GSA Schedule holder specializing in government audits. Contact us today. Even members of the public view some government entrepreneurs as overpaid sloths who profit from excessive budgets. If you need constant affirmations, this is not the role for you. Payments are usually made within 30 days and even earlier for construction work. If you are not paid under the terms of the contract, the government will also pay you interest on the amount it owes.

The fact that you are dealing with a government agency usually means that you can be sure of the payment. This significantly reduces the risk of doing work and not getting paid. If you`re used to doing just what it takes to “get it done,” you may want to look beyond government contracts to find the perfect position. First, it may take some time before the contract is awarded and work begins. If you are a small business, you may be competing with large companies and losing work due to a lack of experience or resources. Finding a niche in this type of work can help you land more contracts related to your area of expertise. These regular government employees were still in arrears, but contractors did not. In 2013 and 2018/2019, the government decided not to pay state contractors on leave.

Assuming you go through government contract requests, it would be a mistake to think that you are the only person willing to do this job. It`s no secret that the government has deep pockets, so competition for many contracts is fierce. If you don`t have thick skin and can handle little or no work camaraderie, you should forget about working under contract with the government. As a rule, government employees despise contractors by believing that they complicate their work and even try to fire them. Set-aside allows a small business to compete with other similar businesses instead of big dogs. .