Yes, My Boss!


To pay the bills and afford an assistant, popular webcomic artist Ilene must make the ultimate sacrifice: taking on a boring desk job. However, she receives the shock of a lifetime when she discovers that her tyrannical boss Jim is not only a closeted webcomic enthusiast–he’s also applied to become her assistant!


Between her brother getting into financial trouble left and right, and looming deadlines from her editor, popular webcomic artist Ilene Jung needs another job–and fast! Luckily, she lands a desk job with a decent salary, but soon finds out she’s working under the world’s most awful manager: Jim Kang. He’s rude, blunt, and a hardcore perfectionist. Worse yet, when Jim applies to become assistant to his all-time favorite webcomic artist, that artist turns out to be Ilene! Office by day, studio by night, the two must learn to work together. The hilarious workplace shenanigans of The Office meet the unexpected but charming romance of the Netflix hit Set it Up in Yes, My Boss!

Art and Story by 22kkim
Edited by Sangha Yeo
Read on Tapas

The Comic

Yes, My Boss! debuted as a comic on Tapas in August 2018 and has been optioned by Frolic Media in conjunction with MWM Universe.




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Global Distribution

Yes, My Boss! has been distributed in Korea on Naver Series.