Whispers of the True King


In a fantasy world inspired by Arthurian legend, the king of Camelot has become nothing more than a puppet for his chief advisor, the Grande Merle… until a clever young sorcerer named Daerin rises as the next Merle to make things right.


Who is the most powerful? The king, or the one who whispers into the ear of the king? A long line of power-hungry Grand Merles has reduced the position of the Arth, the king, into that of a puppet ruler, while nearly wiping out all the descendants of Morgana, Mordred, and Lancelot. The current Grand Merle, Daerin, has decided that enough is enough. He gathers an unlikely group of allies to shatter the status quo and restore the Arth’s rightful authority. Whispers of the True King is a boldy illustrated and imaginative retelling of Arthurian legend.

Story and Art by Pokcik Emiree
Edited by Hayden Robel and Priscilla Tov
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The Comic

Whispers of the True King debuted as a comic on Tapas in February 2019.




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Concept Art

Main Characters


Daerin is the protagonist of the story and the current Grand Merle. He’s an intelligent young man with a sarcastic facade and a strong sense of justice, and his goal is to unravel the poisonous hierarchy of the Arthland to be free from the Merles’ manipulative clutches. However, still living under the supervision of his father and grandfather who subscribe to the old ways, Daerin must rely on his wits and often-subdued exterior to subvert their expectations. Daerin is also a powerful sorceror who should never be underestimated by his opponents. 


Marxus, or Marx, is the current Arth of Kuyran. He’s an earnest and goodhearted individual who has a strong will to be the best ruler for the Arthland. As a child, Marx was selected from among the other children to become the next Arth; he has since trained throughout his life to not only fight with incredible strength but also lead with strategic judgment. Above all, he has been conditioned to obey his Merle– but with Daerin by his side, he may not be the average Arth.


Dunma is Daerin’s grandfather and the previous Grande Merle. He holds the Merle supremacy above all else, and had perfected the art of acting the role of a subservient Grand Merle: small and frail, but wise, thereby allowing his Arth to feel dominant and powerful. As long as his Arth was self-assured, Dunma cunningly exploited his gullibility to act as the true king.

The World of Whispers of the True King

In the land of Kuyran, Marx and Daerin are the current rulers of the Arthdom of Camelot. Once, the Arth ruled as a glorious king with the Grand Merle at his right hand. But a line of clever and duplicitous Merles have since tarnished the Arths’ legacy, reducing them to pawns rather than kings. Even the Arth’s Excalibur, the sword of legend Arthur used to bring peace to the land, is only a replica. Previous Merles have not only diminished the Arths’ power but also that of the descendants of Morgana, Mordred, and Lancelot. Lances and Morgs are few and far between, but a young line of Morgs might grow to rival the Merles’ power… for although Merlin was the most powerful sorcerer, he was rivalled by an incomparably powerful sorceress.