Unable to activate his superpowers, Ron struggles to land a job as a superhero. One day, he accepts a mysterious job offer and finds himself as the personal assistant of a gracious and respectful man named Darren… who just so happens to be the world’s most notorious villain.


Ron has always dreamed of becoming a superhero. However, despite carrying the “actives” gene, he’s never been able to unlock his abilities, which disqualifies him from ever becoming a superhero. One day, he receives a very unexpected job opportunity, courtesy of the most infamous villain around: Darren, known professionally as “The Shark”. Ron soon finds himself having a very rude awakening about the reality of the world he lives in, and the ugly truth regarding Heroes and Villains. With the irreverence of Deadpool and thought-provoking subversiveness of The Boys, Villains is far from your average superhero story.

Story and Art by Spark Kim
Read on Tapas

The Comic

Villains debuted as a comic on Tapas in May 2018.




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Global Distribution

Villains has been distributed internationally in Korea and India.

Main Characters


Ronald Bacon is desperately unemployed, unable to activate his hero powers despite having graduated from the prestigious Hero Academy three years ago. Because he’s always been bullied and shamed for his seemingly defective superhero DNA, Ron struggles with low self-esteem but longs to be a hero. He’s a sweet, freckled, and hopelessly harmless boy who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, stumbling into a crime scene and getting arrested on the spot as an accomplice. Indebted to a villain for his rescue, Ron suddenly wonders if joining the villains, not the heroes, is the right path for him.


Darren, infamously known as “The Shark”, is currently the most fearsome villain on the scene. He’s involved in dangerous secret deals, perpetrates hostage situations with an icy demeanor, and always wears a steely, menacing expression. Behind Darren’s scarred face, however, is a straightforward and respectful employer who honors his employees’ choices and favors Beethoven while vacuuming lint from his carpets.


Joe March is The Shark’s collected, capable secretary and right-hand woman. Her intelligence and wit shine in her candid observations, and her sharp analyses make her an invaluable asset to Darren, who she trusts to the fullest extent. Joe finds handling Ron and his emotional outbursts troublesome, but she’s thoughtful nonetheless and eventually compels Ron to trust their team through cool hard logic.

The World of Villains

Villains is set in a world where heroes and villains act not as agents of justice or chaos, but as responsible employees contracted by the government or by management agencies. Heroism and villainy are industries–they may be perceived by the public as good and evil personified, but in reality they are two sides of the same government-controlled, capitalist coin. Ron’s pure-hearted idealism is shattered as he becomes a villain’s henchman in a society of fabricated values, and he learns that moral identity is not found in one’s job description, but rather in the way one goes about their job.