The God of Pain's Groom


River never believed in his family’s superstitious history, but a surprising twist on a simple ritual leaves River finding himself married to the very real, and very handsome, God of Pain.


For centuries, the Clandor families have always bred beautiful pale-skinned, golden-haired, and mild-mannered women to be brides to Khaol, the God of Pain.  That is until one day, when Forrest Clandor refuses to be wed in favor of attending a typical high school house party. Fortunately, her twin brother River Clandor is up for the task instead. He pretends to be Forrest and steps up to ‘marry’ Khaol. After all, he doesn’t believe in the superstitious ceremony and just wants to keep his grandmother happy. But things become all too real when Khaol shows up and accepts him as his groom–can River handle being married to a mercurial, short-tempered God? And how did his family end up in this situation anyway? Also, why doesn’t Khaol seem to mind that he just married a male? River soon finds that the answers to these questions might just be more unbelievable than the situation he’s found himself in.

Art by Clover
Script and Storyboard by demonicblackcat
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The Novel

The God of Pain’s Groom debuted as a novel on Tapas in September 2017.

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The Comic

Studio Tapas’ webcomic adaptation of The God of Pain’s Groom debuted in May 2018.




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Global Distribution

The God of Pain’s Groom has been distributed in Korea on Bomtoon.