The Beginning After the End


Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, Arthur gets a second chance to live a better life. However, underneath the peace and prosperity of this new world is a dark undercurrent threatening to destroy everything he has worked for, forcing him to question his role and reason for being born again.


The Beginning After the End follows the life of the late King Grey after his untimely and mysterious death. Reborn as Arthur Leywin, he seeks to correct his past mistakes in the vibrant new continent of Dicathen, a world of magic and fantastical creatures. Equipped with the knowledge of a powerful king in his mid-thirties, Arthur navigates his new life as the magic-wielding child of two retired adventurers and gains purpose through each of his experiences—something he lacked in his previous life. When a kind dragon sacrifices her life to protect him, Arthur resolves to live a sincere, kind, and courageous life with those he loves. With the help of a lost elf princess and the Elven Kingdom of Elenoir, Arthur begins his long journey to find his true place in the world. 

As the years pass, Arthur becomes more and more comfortable in this world, positioning himself as a young but respected figure. However, deja-vu strikes as a war brews between Dicathen and the Vritra, a clan of banished deities now ruling over a faraway continent. Arthur must rise as a leader, despite his fear of becoming the war-hardened monster he once was in his past life. As the war rages on, Arthur discovers that he was not reborn to this world by chance… nor was he the only one.

Original Story and Script by TurtleMe
Art by Fuyuki23
Edited by Gabby Luu
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The Novel

The Beginning After the End debuted as a novel on Tapas in January 2017.

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The Beginning After the End (the novel) was adapted into an Audiobook by Podium, released on Audible in December 2019.

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The Comic

Studio Tapas adapted The Beginning After the End into a webcomic in 2018. The comic adaptation launched in July 2018 to worldwide success.






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Behind the Scenes & Concept Art

Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Trailer & Creator Spotlight


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Global Distribution

The Beginning After the End has also been redistributed to the largest webcomic platforms in Korea (KakaoPage), China (Kuaikan), and Japan (Piccoma). Since its global debut, it has reached #1 in Japan and China and #3 in Korea.

Main Characters


Arthur Leywin is the present-day reincarnation of King Grey, a man of unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. From his birth onward, Arthur retains much of his kingly personality. Observant, adaptable, and logical, Arthur draws similarities between this life and his past in order to give himself a keen advantage, causing him to appear as a genius in his youth, awakening as a mage able to control multiple elements. Despite his analytical and mature demeanor, his playful side appears periodically, as this new world literally provides an exciting escape for the weary king.


Tessia Eralith is the lovely princess of the elf Kingdom of Elenoir. As a child, she was captured by human slave traders before being saved by the young Arthur. They quickly became friends as he accompanied her through the forest back home, and the two of them spent three years together as Arthur trained under her grandfather. On the surface, Tessia is sassy, stubborn, and ambitious, but beneath her royal exterior is a girl seeking acknowledgement, especially from her grandfather and Arthur. As Arthur’s closest friend, Tessia not only becomes one of the most important people in his life but also his equal, and eventually his first love.


Elijah is one of Arthur’s closest friends. As a human of unknown origins who was raised by dwarves, he has a magical affinity towards earth and metal. Awkward and impulsive, Elijah’s excitable personality positively influences Arthur. Though Elijah respects Arthur greatly–since he is everything Elijah strives to be–Arthur’s success often reminds him of his own shortcomings.

The World of The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End is set in the monarchical world of Dicathen, a diamond-shaped continent divided into four regions: Elenoir–the elven kingdom of Dicathen’s northern forests, Darv–the vast underground kingdom to the south and home of the dwarves, Sapin–the highly-populated human kingdom of the west, and finally, the dangerous and unpopulated eastern Beast Wilds. 

Roughly one percent of Dicathen’s children are born with the ability to manipulate mana, a powerful energy force that thrums in the land itself. Mana users are largely divided into augmenters–those who enhance their bodies’ abilities with mana, and conjurors—those who cast spells that allow them to manipulate their surroundings. Emitters comprise the final “deviant” category of mana users: these mages have the power to heal others using mana. One’s ability to control mana is dependent on the purity of their mana core, which typically awakens during adolescence. Awakened and enhanced, the possessor of a pure mana core wields incredible power, from superhuman strength to the freedom to conjure immense whirlwinds at will.