Silent Horror Z


From the deepest, darkest, corners of the world, Darkbox brings you Silent Horror Z. There is no absolute start or endonly the moment of complete horror.


The world of Silent Horror Z is filled with black-and-white, bite-sized morsels of terror, all told without a single word. Rather, the series speaks in rolling beads of sweat, in grotesquely open-mouthed faces, and in blackness where color ought to be. DarkBox’s vividly inked illustrations disturb readers all across the globe: between Silent Horror Z and its first series, Silent Horror, the series’ collective 300+ episodes have amassed a combined 100 million views. As such, Silent Horror Z has become one of the most widely-read webcomics worldwide, as well as a chilling reminder that fear is a universal language.

Story and Art by Darkbox
Read on Tapas

The Comic

Silent Horror Z debuted as a comic on Tapas in October 2016.




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