Path to You


When almost-college dropout Jensen attempts to drink away his problems, unemployed Nathaniel suddenly pukes on him and ruins his night. As an apology, Nathaniel helps Jensen with his studies, and something deeper begins to grow between them…


Standoffish, cold Jensen is drinking to forget he’s one F away from becoming a college dropout when, suddenly, a stranger pukes all over his lap! Turns out this stranger, Niel, is a mutual friend who just graduated from the same university– and with excellent grades. When Niel endearingly apologizes, Jensen takes the opportunity to ask for a tutoring session, and from there, a sweet and delightful companionship develops between the two. Path to You is a dreamy yet grounded romance that brings all the warmth of a classic indie romcom.

Story and Art by Sinran
Edited by Shara Primanda and Priscilla Tov
Read on Tapas

The Comic

Path to You debuted as a comic on Tapas in January 2019.




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Global Distribution

Path to You has been distributed internationally in Korea and Thailand.

Main Characters


Jensen is an aloof and seemingly-impersonable student in his final year of college. Contrary to his coldly handsome, polished exterior, Jensen does not have his life together– he’s about to fail out of school, and he’s a tired caretaker at home: Jensen’s parents have been overseas for several years, so he lives with his older sister and kindergarten-age brother. While his sister works night shifts, Jensen is responsible for being an attentive guardian for little Jimmy, whom Jensen loves with his whole heart.


Niel is a sweet and openhearted new graduate from the same university that Jensen attends. He’s funny with an endearing clumsy streak, and he tends to smile with an irresistible warmth that attracts even someone as reserved as Jensen. However, Niel has his own struggles: whereas all his friends have already found jobs, Niel is still unemployed. On top of that, if he fails to find employment, his family will force him to move away– far away from Jensen.


Jimmy is Jensen’s bright and adorable younger brother. He’s an independent boy who loves candy and looks like a miniature version of Jensen. Jimmy is adored by his teachers for his energetic and playful personality. Within Jensen’s life, Jimmy is a ray of pure sunshine.