The first thing Cal remembers is death. Brantley Pharmaceuticals promises its clients life after death through the use of advanced AI technology–and they’ve taken her hostage. Experiment after experiment, her memories become clearer, but reality itself becomes more and more confusing as she begins to wonder: who is she, really?


What’s your earliest memory? For teenage prodigy Calliope, it’s death. After a fatal bus crash, Cal wakes up in a lab run by Brantley Pharmaceuticals, the world’s preeminent biotech company that’s led by her mother, Sophia Brantley. Their promises of eternal life hide a dark secret that Cal painfully discovers as her memories return–the real Calliope died in the bus crash, and she’s now an AI residing in the shell of a resuscitated body. As Cal struggles to break free of her technological prison, the people around her must struggle with the repercussions of Sophia’s choice to “revive” her dead daughter. MNEMOSYNE poses contemporarily relevant ethical questions that recall those explored in Black Mirror.

Art and Story by SANSA
Edited by Sangha Yeo
Read on Tapas

The Comic

MNEMOSYNE debuted as a comic on Tapas in April 2019. All adaptation rights have been optioned by ZOIC Studios.




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Global Distribution

MNEMOSYNE has been internationally distributed in Korea, China, and India.