His Barcode Tattoo


Dakota can see when people will die—it’s written right on their necks in the form of a barcode tattoo. However, her life changes forever when she meets a man without an expiration date.


Dakota Park always wondered if people noticed the numbers that appeared on the neck of every person she’s ever met–the barcodes that predicted when and where they would die. But Sehyun was different from the others—he didn’t have a barcode. And despite her confusion and all of the uncertainty, Dakota finds herself helplessly falling in love with someone that could perish at any moment. His Barcode Tattoo is a sweet and innocent love story exploring trust, friendship, and finding the courage to move forward despite the uncertainty of the future.

Original Story by Ivy Song
Art by Angel Ng
Script Adaptation by Gabby Luu
Art Direction by Michael Son
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The Novel

His Barcode Tattoo debuted as a novel on Tapas in October 2016.

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The Comic

Studio Tapas adapted His Barcode Tattoo into a webcomic that debuted in July 2017.




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Global Distribution

His Barcode Tattoo has been distributed internationally in Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

Main Characters


Dakota Park has always had the strange ability to see when people are going to die. She’s never known why she has this ability, or why she seems to be the only one who can see the barcode expiration dates on people’s necks. She decided a long time ago that it wasn’t her place to try and change fate, but after unexpectedly falling in love, she finds herself willing to risk everything for Sehyun—the man who steals her heart.


Sehyun Yoon has lived in Seoul his whole life, never venturing one to step too far outside of his comfort zone. But that all changes when he falls head over heels for his university dorm mate, Dakota Park. Even when it seems like the universe itself is against them, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to be with the woman he loves. 


Jaesun is your typical university student: funny, outgoing, and has a surprising amount in common with Dakota. But like Sehyun, Jaesun is also missing a barcode tattoo. Even though Dakota is in love with Sehyun, it becomes clear that she was originally fated to be with Jaesun. Harboring his own feelings for Dakota, Jaesun might not be so willing to let go of the life that was destined for them.