Happiness Theory


Worlds collide on a stormy night when assisted living nurse Camilla, heartbroken after discovering her husband’s infidelity, crosses paths with the alien Buoy, who’s come to Earth to study human art.


The same day Hurricane Io is set to make landfall in Bluewater Ridge, Camilla Miller’s marriage falls apart. Unable to go home, she checks into a hotel for the night. There, she meets a strange artist named “Buoy”, who asks her to be his muse. She soon learns that he’s an alien researcher who’s come to Earth to learn about human art, and his arrival brings consequences that neither of them can weather alone. With all of the heartwarming romance of My Love from the Star along with sci-fi inspirations from Mass Effect, Happiness Theory is a unique and deeply moving exploration of what it means to love and be human.

Art and Story by Kan
Edited by Brooke Huang
Read on Tapas

The Comic

Happiness Theory debuted as a comic on Tapas in March 2018. Emmy and Eisner Award-winning writer Amalia Levari is developing Happiness Theory for adaptation as an adult animated series, in partnership with Powerhouse Animation Studios.




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Global Distribution

Happiness Theory has been distributed in India on Kross Komics.