DPS Only!


Vicky “Vic” Tan is a timid teenage girl who works as a manager for her professional gamer brother. In a society that’s stacked against her, she must learn to overcome her own social anxiety and self-doubt in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional gamer herself.


Vicky ‘Vic’ Tan is a meek girl with social anxiety who always introduces herself as an attachment to her confident brother Virgil, a well-known, once-in-a-generation superstar of the world-famous game “Xenith Orion.” Although Vic has her own aspirations to compete and stream, she fears the hate and harassment that female gamers receive every day, so she opts to stay in the background even it means she could become lost living in her brother’s shadow. With the help of her ex-best friend Opal and a nerdy gaming cafe worker, Eric, she slowly breaks out of her shell and begins competing in smaller skirmishes and tournaments, disguising herself with a mask and the moniker “Aegis.” When Vic’s undeniable talent causes her reputation and popularity to grow, she wonders if she can keep her identity a secret while balancing her management duties to her brother, all while fearing the moment she might removeor loseher mask.

Story and Art by Vel
Edited by Gabby Luu
Read on Tapas

The Comic

DPS Only! debuted as a comic on Tapas in April 2020.




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Behind the Scenes & Concept Art

Behind the Scenes

Concept Art


Main Characters


Vicky, AKA Vic, is a student and manager for her professional gamer brother by day, and a hardcore gamer herself by night. Although she has trouble speaking up for herself in front of others (and especially her brother), when in game she’s able to take charge and lead her team to victory from the safety and anonymity of being behind a monitor. After she catches wind of a local competition, she reluctantly competes under a disguise alongside her friends Eric and Opal. However, as she continues to make a name for herself behind a mask, she can’t help but wonder if her adoring fans and admirers would stick around if they knew who she really was.


Virgil is the extremely well-meaning but totally oblivious older brother of Vicky. He’s a highly skilled, self-centered, and proud player who is famous and well-liked within the gaming community. He’s always seen Vicky as a fragile and indecisive flower, so he’s put it upon himself to push her in the “right” direction. He thinks he knows everything about his sweet little sister, and doesn’t realize how much his actions negatively impact her.


Opal is Vicky’s childhood friend and eventual crush. She is headstrong, confident, and doesn’t take flack from anybody—everything that Vicky wishes she could be. As a result, she is repeatedly labeled a “troublemaker” or “bitch,” and is often on the receiving end of hateful, sexist comments and doubt–all of which she ignores, before wiping the floor with her critics and haters. Her strength and stability aligns perfectly with being the tank of the team, and eventually, Opal becomes the person Vicky trusts the most.


Eric is a nerdy and endearing employee at the gaming cafe Vicky visits often. He is kind-hearted, optimistic, and always seems to unwittingly get himself into the most awkward and comedic situations. When he gets nervous, he can ramble on and on in an effort to lighten up the mood. As the support of the team, he is the biggest team player and always encourages his teammates to work together.