Born Sexy Tomorrow


Blaze Galaxy, a reckless renegade spaceman rogue, lives by his own rules and fears nothing… except commitment. While on a mission to save the human race, he accidentally awakens J-450n, an (adorable) assassin cyborg created by a race of perverted aliens, whose prime objective is to eliminate human life. The deadly yet innocent cyborg imprints on our hero immediately, saddling the impulsive mercenary with a slew of problems and a responsibility that terrifies him. 


Born Sexy Tomorrow is a sci-fi action comedy slow burn BL romance! Join Blaze and J-450n as they pew pew their way through the galaxy, dancing in cantinas, warring with stars, battling galacticas, and fleeing from Blaze’s crippling emotional problems at the speed of light. It’s the adventure of a spacetime! In BORN SEXY TOMORROW.

Blaze Galaxy – self-proclaimed Defender of All Humankind (and orange Human Disaster) goes from thrill to thrill, so that he never has to address the fact that the biggest void in space is the metaphorical one inside himself. J-450n (Jason) is a sexy cyborg assassin with the innocence of a newborn babe. While Blaze initially attempts to rid himself of his new trusty companion, an action-packed climax will prove that Blaze might need a partner after all. Throughout the series, they will both learn to be more human; as J-450n gets more life experience, while Blaze struggles with his developing affections for someone other than himself.

Art and Story by VVBG
Editorial by Gabrielle Luu
Published by TAPAS MEDIA 2018
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The Comic

Born Sexy Tomorrow debuted as a comic on Tapas in April 2018.

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Behind the Scenes & Concept Art



Main Characters

Blaze Galaxy

Blaze Galaxy is a ruthless, cunning, thrill-seeking, reckless renegade. As the self-proclaimed Defender of All Humankind, he loves to reap the rewards and praise from people he has saved along the way. However, after his many adventures and many close calls, Blaze believes he should only look out for himself at the end of the day. That is until he accidentally awakens J-450n while on a mission to save the human race. Unable to kill the innocent J-450n, Blaze is now saddled with the responsibility of caring for someone other than himself.

J-450n (Jason)

J-450n is a sexy assassin cyborg created by a race of perverted aliens, whose prime objective is to eliminate human life. He is adorable, curious, innocent, and very deadly. J-450n has also been programmed to imprint upon the first living being that he sees, much to the dismay of Blaze Galaxy. Join our newborn J-450n as he journeys through the stars with Blaze Galaxy and learns about the dangers of this world, who he can and cannot trust, and how to protect those he loves.


Ludvikas is the owner of The Antigravity Depravity, a nightclub built into an asteroid that looped a dying star. Ludvikas has a complicated past with Blaze Galaxy. The two have known each other for years and Blaze has saved him countless times before, but they would eventually have a falling out. When he gets word that Blaze Galaxy is back in his nightclub with a new boy toy, Ludvikas gets a plan of his own.