Mia can’t find peace at home or at school. When she finally can’t take it anymore, she screams–letting out all the pain and frustration–and suddenly, time stops. As she tries to navigate the frozen streets of New York City, she learns that she is not alone, and that the ancient darkness stalking her will stop at nothing to see her dead.


BLINK is an unflinching coming-of-age story that dares to tackle the darker side of growing up. Mia is a young girl living in the slums of New York. Her grades are abysmal, her parents are always fighting, and she has no one but herself to talk to— growing up in a state of constantly being in fight-or-flight mode has taken its toll on her. Pushed to the absolute brink, she shouts at the top of her lungs, and suddenly time stops. She isn’t given much time to wonder what’s happened as a monstrous being ruptures into the world and begins to hunt her, sending her on a perilous journey through the concrete landscape. Ultimately, Mia realizes that the evil is a manifestation of the hurt she’s lived through, and that the only way to survive is to heal and forgive herself.

Art by Edu
Story by Rex Ogle
Edited by Michael Son
Read on Tapas

The Comic

BLINK debuted as a comic on Tapas in February 2019.




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Global Distribution

BLINK has been distributed in India by Kross Komics.

Main Characters


Mia can’t help but feel completely alone in the world. Her parents are constantly yelling, her teachers have all but given up on her, and there’s not a friendly face in sight. And worst of all, she feels like it’s all her fault, as if all the terrible things happening to her are somehow something she deserves. Despite this, she’s a survivor: she’s introspective, wise beyond her years, and–if given the right opportunities–more than capable of leading a healthy and successful life. As Mia finds herself in a world frozen in time, she learns to love herself and more importantly, forgive herself.

The Monster

The monster that ruthlessly stalks Mia through frozen New York City takes the shape of a gargantuan, wine-red cephalopod with fierce yellow eyes and powerfully writhing tentacles. Like inky tendrils in water, the monster is fluid, ceaseless, and rapid in its chase: it bleeds ravenously through the landscape and threatens to swallow Mia whole at every turn. Only time will teach Mia that the monster is, in truth, a violent materialization of the cruel and toxic thoughts that cloud and batter her mind day-to-day.

The World of BLINK

BLINK is a love letter to magical realism and dark fantasy; it juxtaposes the heart-wrenching coming-of-age tale of Pan’s Labyrinth with a horrific Lovecraftian monster against the skyscrapers of modern-day New York City. At its core, BLINK is a metaphorical meditation on mental health that is simultaneously unafraid to meet realities that end messily, and also courageous in the message of hope it offers to its resilient young protagonist. When Mia screams, the city becomes a frozen landscape and a metaphor for her mental state. In order to depict a frozen moment in time, the comic mutes the cityscape’s color to stark black and white. In contrast, Mia is rendered beautifully in vibrant digital watercolor that leaps off the page.