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While intuition and experience remain paramount, the mindset to bring analytics into decisions and actions as an augmented intuition tool is becoming essential. The combination of data, analytics, people, and relationships seems to be an excellent match.

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Yes, My Boss!

A workplace romantic comedy, Yes, My Boss! is a millennial Friends-meets-The Office for the gig economy. When a popular webcomic artist has to suffer through a terrible corporate day job with an even worse boss to keep her studio afloat, she agrees to take on an art assistant–only to be shocked when her horrible boss shows up to interview for the position, proclaiming to be her biggest fan. Employee by day, boss by night, what could possibly go wrong?

All rights optioned to MWM Universe (The Dragon Prince) in conjunction with Frolic Media, Yes, My Boss! is being developed and produced as a narrative podcast concurrently with TV series development.


What’s your earliest memory? For teenage prodigy Calliope, it’s death. After a fatal bus crash, Cal wakes up in a lab run by Brantley Pharmaceuticals, the world’s preeminent biotech company that’s led by her mother, Sophia Brantley. Their promises of eternal life hide a dark secret that Cal painfully discovers as her memories return. MNEMOSYNE is an AI-infused thriller in the vein of Homecoming and Black Mirror that invites audiences to grapple with contemporarily relevant, thought-provoking ethical questions that are posed by our relationship with the ever-advancing technology we create. 

Film and TV rights optioned to ZOIC Studios (Game of Thrones/VFX).

Happiness Theory

Summer, 1999. As Hurricane Io readies to rage through Florida’s Gulf Coast, Camilla Miller comes home to find that her fragile marriage has succumbed to its own natural disaster. As she watches the life she built with her husband get swept away in a single instant by irreconcilable desires and conflicting world views, she seeks a safe harbor in which to ride out the hurricanes churning within and around her. Gazing out the window of a cheap hotel, Camilla begins to take stock of her life— but her inward journey is abruptly diverted when she saves an alien from plummeting to his death. Straddling the unlikely line between Marriage Story and Mob Psycho 100, Happiness Theory is a heartwarming sci-fi drama that explores what it means to be human.

Happiness Theory is being developed as an adult animated television series written by Amalia Levari (Over the Garden Wall) in partnership with Powerhouse Animation Studios (Netflix’s Castlevania).

Magical Boy

Though he may have been assigned female at birth, Max is just your average high school student… or at least, he wishes! On top of classes, crushes, and transitioning, now he also has to save humanity from evil after his mom reveals that he’s next in a long line of Magical Girls. Magical Boy is a funny and charming spin on the beloved magical girl trope, but doesn’t shy away from the realities of what it’s like to navigate the world as a young transgender man. With a deftly-light tone reminiscent of Buffy-meets-Sailor Moon, the main character’s dilemma of coming out as a trans man to a mother ready to tell her “daughter” about her destiny as a magical girl serves as the emotional center. Coming to terms with who you are in high school is hard enough, even when you don’t have to save the world…

Magical Boy world has been optioned by Madison Wells Media (Hell or High Water) and is currently in development for television.

Kids Being Kids

In the spirit of smart teen dramas Freaks and Geeks and Skins, Kids Being Kids follows six teenagers navigating high school while struggling to find and hold onto their own unique identities under the restrictive societal pressures of the Philippines. In the face of colorism, homophobia, and bullying, they won’t back down from being who they really are or loving who they love. Audiences are invited into a universally familiar world filled with relatable teen angst, drama, and soul-searching.

Jason Perlman (AwesomenessTV’s Zac and Mia) and Dante Basco (Avatar: The Last Airbender) are attached to produce for television.

Our Partners


Dec 15, 2020

TAPAS series MAGICAL BOY will get graphic novel adaptation by SCHOLASTIC

The Beat
Jun 18, 2020

Lisa Berger & Sarah Penna’s Frolic Media & MWM Universe To Adapt Tapas Media’s Korean Webtoon ‘Yes, My Boss!’ For TV

May 12, 2020

Webcomic Platform Tapas Media Suspends Fees for Creators

The Hollywood Reporter
Apr 15, 2020

‘Game Of Thrones’ VFX Firm Zoic Studios To Adapt AI Thriller ‘Mnemosyne’ With Web Comic Company Tapas Media


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