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We are proud to be home to an incredibly diverse, supportive, and engaged community. The majority of our creators are millennials and identify as female. The content of our stories and the readership they speak to similarly reflect this diversity, with many underrepresented voices from the LGBTQIA+ community as well as different ethnic backgrounds finding success on Tapas.








Tapas Originals

My experience with Studio Tapas has been nothing but positive. I first joined Tapas as a community creator, sharing my life experience in short comic strips. The community has always been so nice and supportive, it has really motivated me to keep creating. When I later signed on to create a Tapas Original comic, I was so unprepared. It was my first time creating a heavily story-driven comic in the vertical-scroll format. But the staff at Tapas were so patient and encouraging with me. I commend them for always making sure to keep our interests and concerns as creators in mind. They truly believe in what we create and will help out in any way they can to make our process go smoothly. I will always recommend Tapas for new and aspiring comic artists.

The KaoCreator of "Magical Boy"

Tapas has played a huge role in my life as a webcomic artist-- from the welcoming and engaging community, to the equally welcoming and encouraging staff. As a general user, Tapas provided me with the tools to share my work to thousands and to explore just as many comics made by others. As a freelancer working together with Tapas' editors to create exclusive comics, they've done everything they can to help me increase my potential and bring my stories to life. I've been able to make comics I never would have had the time and resources to before without the support of a third party and Tapas has gone above and beyond in helping make those comics a reality.

KanCreator of "Happiness Theory"

When joining Tapas, I thought I was nothing more than a college student with dreams way out of her league. But then I quickly realized that the stories I poured my heart and soul into were actually worth so much more than I ever realized. On Tapas, my story meant so much to so many people. It boosted my confidence as a creator, as a person. Through Tapas’ platform and the hard work and encouragement of the staff, I managed to bring on even more stories and build an audience that has turned my dreams of writing into reality. I’ve had doors opened for me that I didn’t even know existed. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me and hope to continue to work in an environment that earnestly wants to help creators thrive.

TwoonyCreator of "Speak the Truth"

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